deny user to change password

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deny user to change password

Post by windlady »

hello all,
I am new here and i made a phpb3 forum within my joomla-site using the rokbridge.

as i add my users through joomla myself and give them a password, i donot want them to change the password in the phpbb-forum, but only in communitybuilder.

is there a way to put that off in the admin panel of the forum?

if they change it in the forum, i suppose they cannot enter joomla anymore or have to log in extra on the forum instead of already being logged in entering the joomla-site and go in the forum by a link in the joomla-menu.

I hope you can help me.
Pond Life
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Re: deny user to change password

Post by Pond Life »

Yes, you can stop members changing their passwords. Probably the quickest way is by groups (registered users etc).

ACP >> Permissions >> Groups' Permissions >> Profile >> Can change password

I don't know if there will be any issues with joomla though, I don't use it.
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