ACP problems in firefox

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ACP problems in firefox

Post by andyvr4 »

PHPBB version = 3.0.3 (fresh install with 3.0.1 and upgrade to 3.0.2 and then 3.0.3)


I'm having problems accessing the ACP in firefox. It works great, however when I try and log in through IE7.

The problems that I'm seeing are when I type in my username and password the 2nd time to re-authenticate myself the forum shows as accepting my username and password and then will just ask for the username and password again. When I log in through IE7 it shows this login attempt as being successful, but I never did actually get in.

I was wondering if anybody else has ran into this problem before and knows a solution.


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Re: ACP problems in firefox

Post by CSF »

I am having the same problom with phpbb v3.0.0 and ff3.


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