Forum passwords....

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Forum passwords....

Post by mtridersclb »

sorry, newbie here trying to get the hang of it.

Several of my sub-frums are showing up as needing passwords, I cant seem to delete this. I dont want any passwords on any of the forums.

How do I delete them?

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Re: Forum passwords....

Post by Amo »

Go into your ACP, go to the Forums Tab. Your boards should be showing, hit the "Edit" button on one of your sub forums with the problem.

In here you will see "Forum Password" and "Confirm Forum Password." Make sure those are both blank. Some browsers will auto-fill in your password where ever there is a password field.

That's as far as my personal knowledge extends on the matter, if you still have the issue, than it's possible there's a problem with your code.

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Re: Forum passwords....

Post by Green Light »

Log into your ACP (Admin control panel) select the 'Forums' tab (top bar), select your forum and click the edit icon.. Image

make sure their is no password in the forum password filed.. I have the Firefox save my passwords so by mistake firefox entered it their.. that may be the same case for you.

edit Amo beat it to :mrgreen:

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