Showing only global moderators in "The Team" page

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Showing only global moderators in "The Team" page

Post by DutchToxophilite »


Since installing the (board3) Portal, the Team page is more explicitly shown.
Now I get questions about some moderators that are shown on "The Team" block/page.

The thing is:
- I have only global moderators (publicly)
- I have some hidden groups, with rights for hidden forums.
- The moderators at these hidden groups are only moderator for those forums, but not global moderator.
- Guests and normal users (not member of hidden group) do not see why these "hidden forum" moderators are shown in the team block.

So my question is:
Can I change the setting of "The Team" page/block somewhere to only show Administrators and Global Moderators?


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Re: Showing only global moderators in "The Team" page

Post by Austeyr »

bump!!!!! i need to know this as well anyone have any idea im so confused between groups mods ranks.
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Re: Showing only global moderators in "The Team" page

Post by JimA »

This depends on which version you're using. If you're on 3.1.x, you can easily pick and choose which of the groups are displayed on the team page. In that case, do the following:

ACP -> Users & Groups -> Manage groups -> Choose group: Settings -> Display on Group page: No

Also, in the future, please create a new topic in the appropriate forum when you have a question like this. We prefer to have each question in the separate topic where you can describe your situation. Then we won't run into trouble like having to guess what your board version is. :)
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