User with sign in issues...

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User with sign in issues...

Post by sailships »


I'm coming here sort of out of desperation. I'm a user at a board that uses phpBB. When I try to log in from my work machine, it simply does not let me. The log in page takes my username and password, but when I hit "Log in", the page refreshes, flashes, but ultimately does not log me in.

I know my username password is correct, because, on my home machine, I can log in NO PROBLEM.

I work within IT in a small company, and we dont have filters to prohibit me signing in. In fact, I sign into any other number of boards (including this one), just fine.

I've gone into my browswer settings: IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites and even added this particular board I'm having issues with as a trusted site. No change.

Just trying it on Firefox, it seems to work fine.

Any idea why IE would behave like this on particular board?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: User with sign in issues...

Post by JimA »

Try to delete your current cookies for your board.
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Re: User with sign in issues...

Post by CTCNetwork »


Or try clicking your browser back button, and then click the browser forward button.
See if you are logged in.

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