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Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 3:55 am
by BigPete7978
Well I am attempting to upload my database backup to my new host. Thing is that it is entirely too big. The limit is for some reason an insanely small 7KB, and my file is 48MB.

I found this:
1.16 I cannot upload big dump files (memory, HTTP or timeout problems).

Starting with version 2.7.0, the import engine has been re–written and these problems should not occur. If possible, upgrade your phpMyAdmin to the latest version to take advantage of the new import features.

The first things to check (or ask your host provider to check) are the values of upload_max_filesize, memory_limit and post_max_size in the php.ini configuration file. All of these three settings limit the maximum size of data that can be submitted and handled by PHP. One user also said that post_max_size and memory_limit need to be larger than upload_max_filesize.

There exist several workarounds if your upload is too big or your hosting provider is unwilling to change the settings:

* Look at the $cfg['UploadDir'] feature. This allows one to upload a file to the server via scp, ftp, or your favorite file transfer method. PhpMyAdmin is then able to import the files from the temporary directory. More information is available in the Configuration section of this document.
* Using a utility (such as BigDump) to split the files before uploading. We cannot support this or any third party applications, but are aware of users having success with it.
* If you have shell (command line) access, use MySQL to import the files directly. You can do this by issuing the "source" command from within MySQL: source filename.sql.
And it leads to this:
$cfg['UploadDir'] string
The name of the directory where SQL files have been uploaded by other means than phpMyAdmin (for example, ftp). Those files are available under a drop-down box when you click the database or table name, then the Import tab.

If you want different directory for each user, %u will be replaced with username.

Please note that the file names must have the suffix ".sql" (or ".sql.bz2" or ".sql.gz" if support for compressed formats is enabled).

This feature is useful when your file is too big to be uploaded via HTTP, or when file uploads are disabled in PHP.

Please note that if PHP is running in safe mode, this directory must be owned by the same user as the owner of the phpMyAdmin scripts.

See also FAQ 1.16 for alternatives.
This is a bit over my head (like a lot of things here :D ). So help is very much appreciated. I'm trying to get this done tonight. I assume it's telling me to upload the file via FTP, but then what? And where do I upload it to on my host? This stuff is highly confusing. This is the last step I need done. SO CLOSE!!! :lol:

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:23 am
by Noxwizard
Check out the "Restore Database" section of this article: Knowledge Base - How to move a phpBB 2.0.x board to a new server
The BigDump script can import large databases without timing out.

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:25 am
by BigPete7978
Does it matter that my board is phpBB3?

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:37 am
by Noxwizard
No. The script is just a database import script, it's not for anything in particular.

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:42 am
by BigPete7978
Ok so once I complete the guide you provided me with I just finish following the instructions HERE right? Or is that even necessary?

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:47 am
by Noxwizard
You will follow those steps until you reach step 7 (7) Uploading the Database backup.), then you will jump to the "Restore Database" section of the KB article that I linked to earlier, then once the database is restored you will proceed to step 8.

Re: Upload Via phpMyAdmin Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:50 am
by BigPete7978
Ok. Yeah I'm already at Step 7. So looks like I just go to your link. :)