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Email Notification System

Post by robdocmagic » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:41 am


I had a situation tonight that I had a question on:

There are not many users on my board (yet). My friend sent me a PM (and logged out). A few hours later he called me to see if I got the PM. I did not get any email notifications (even though I have it set to notify me and I have been notified without incident in the past) so never read the PM.

As soon as I logged onto the site the email notification came in to my email inbox.

I realize that the email system (and cron) within phpBB is based on on visits to the site and that is (probably) why I did not get the email until I hit the site.

I have CRON on my system and I use it for other things. Is there any way I can "ping" (for a lack of a better example) my site so even if people don't visit the site, the emails and such go out. (e.g. curl a web page or whatever).

Or is there another way to accomplish this?




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