How to get a standalone login script for phpBB

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How to get a standalone login script for phpBB

Post by DaannO » Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:20 am

Hi There,

We recentlu build oure own website inculding a cms. Also we have a phpBB forum running but the problem with this is that we have to include allot of code in to oure normal site just to make te sessions, login and logout work. So we want to have a standalone system that can handel the phpBB sessions and also the login and logout withouth the problem that we have to include on every page the phpBB code just to get it to work.

I couldnt find an API here or anything else to help us with this. Does anyone got a clean idea? I found this ... api-bridge but that also inculdes allot of phpBB code for my taste.


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