Warning system.

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Warning system.

Post by Alternativa »

Default warning system in phpbb3 is lame.

User that writes off topic.
User that spams a topic.
User that is insulting another user.
User that provokes..

They all get a warning.

Do you see what I mean?

User that insulting another user is way worse then a user writing offtopic post.

But they get same treatment.

Is there a mod with POINTS for punishing user.

somthing like this.

Offtopic - 10 points
Spam - 10 points
Insult - 30 points

And then on 100 points user gets banned for 1-2 days.

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Re: Warning system.

Post by narqelion »

A quick search of the MOD forums didn't really turn up anything, but search is hit and miss for me here. ;)


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