Rearranging profile fields

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Rearranging profile fields

Post by Spongemom »

What would I edit to rearrange this


so that Status is above Posts?

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Re: Rearranging profile fields

Post by narqelion »

You would open up your specific style's ../template/viewtopic_body.html and find a section of code that looks something like this (based on prosilver):

Code: Select all

<!-- IF postrow.POSTER_POSTS != '' --><dd><strong>{L_POSTS}:</strong> {postrow.POSTER_POSTS}</dd><!-- ENDIF -->
		<!-- IF postrow.POSTER_JOINED --><dd><strong>{L_JOINED}:</strong> {postrow.POSTER_JOINED}</dd><!-- ENDIF -->
		<!-- IF postrow.POSTER_FROM --><dd><strong>{L_LOCATION}:</strong> {postrow.POSTER_FROM}</dd><!-- ENDIF -->

		<!-- IF postrow.S_PROFILE_FIELD1 -->
			<!-- Use a construct like this to include admin defined profile fields. Replace FIELD1 with the name of your field. -->
			<dd><strong>{postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_NAME}:</strong> {postrow.PROFILE_FIELD1_VALUE}</dd>
		<!-- ENDIF -->

		<!-- BEGIN custom_fields -->
			<dd><strong>{postrow.custom_fields.PROFILE_FIELD_NAME}:</strong> {postrow.custom_fields.PROFILE_FIELD_VALUE}</dd>
		<!-- END custom_fields -->
Rearrange your custom fields as necessary by inserting above the ..POSTER_POSTS field.


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