Users can't register functions_user error

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Users can't register functions_user error

Post by amochohan »

Hi all,

Pretty urgent issue as nobody is able to sign up on our site at the moment.

We've just moved our site to a brand new server and since doing so it seems that sign ups don't work (usually get 50 or so a day, and had none over the weekend).

Done a bit of debugging and it seems that in the functions_user.php on around line 1440, it does a regex check for illegal characters.

Code: Select all

mb_ereg_search_init('^' . $username . '$', $regex, $matches);
		if (!mb_ereg_search())
			return 'INVALID_CHARS';
If I remove this, it works fine - but then people can use usernames with any character in it which I don't want. This worked fine previously, so not sure exactly why it's stopped working now. I've tested it with a username 'test' so obviously no illegal characters and it's not working.

Any ideas what I can do?

[Edit] changing the username restirctions to alphanumeric and spacers only, from letters, numbers and spacers sorted it - but still, would prefer to fix the problem properly[/edit]

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Re: Users can't register functions_user error

Post by Paul »

THis has already been fixed in SVN, and willbe included in the next release.
IF you want to use it before, this is the fix: ... 6&rev=9351
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