Is This Possible?

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Is This Possible?

Post by TheStudent09 »

Every month I set a goal for my members to reach in regards to the number of total posts on the forum. Here is what I want to do. I want to display the current amount of total posts the forum has in my signature and also display our current goal. Here is an example:
Our current goal is to reach 10,000 posts. We currently have ****/10000 posts.
How do I make the actual amount display instead of ****.

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Re: Is This Possible?

Post by shontrix »

Haha, its not possible normally, you will need to make a custom mod for that... you need to contact one of mod authors and ask them nicely, if you can't make one :P
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Re: Is This Possible?

Post by KevC »

shontrix wrote:you need to contact one of mod authors and ask them nicely
Erm nope.
You need to post in the MOD requests forum and hope someone makes it for you.
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