Integration of phpBB3 into Existing website

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Integration of phpBB3 into Existing website

Post by dnehdnd »


I recently installed phpBB forum. (v.3.0.5) All is well, except opening the forum page ("" is the folder where forum resides) opens up a new default forum page provided by phpBB. Nice, but like many others, I want this forum to be part of one of my existing webpages, not a standalone forum page with completely different look.

Days of researching led me to nowhere. Either people are kindly explaining with assumption that I have full control over php technology, or they kindly insert a link to another forum thread which 'should' solve your problem, but leads to extra jumble, no destination, more frustration. You may find that information provided by below links are very helpful, but I just could not find ways to fit it into my beginner context.

" ... ntegration"
" ... 1&t=719055"

The last link is the closest I found, but what file exactly we are working with is not very clear, and I just seem to run into errors, whatever I try. This integration topic got to be straightforward - there are tons of webpages that have phpBB login authentication box, the actual forum, etc. well integrated into their websites. Currently, the context I have is this: I have a main page ("") and a phpBB forum folder (""). What puzzle pieces am I missing, from a beginner point of view?

I appreciate all feedback.
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Re: Integration of phpBB3 into Existing website

Post by some blind fool »

here's another link that may or may not help. :) ... 4&t=963325 - the tutorial post may be helpful, but the thread seems to have died off, so it's probably not a good place for asking questions.

to make your forum fit into your site, you need to edit the (-phpbb- / styles / -stylename- / template / ) overall_header.html (top/beginning and left side of the page) and overall_footer.html (right side and bottom/end of the page) files for your chosen style. you may also need to add/edit code in the css file(s) for that style. what you add/change in the files will depend on how your site looks.
make sure that you save a backup copy of each file before editing. that way, if you make a mistake, you can overwrite it with the backup and start over.
when you're done making changes, and want to see how they look, purge your board's cache through the admin panel.

here's another tutorial post that may be helpful, this one is for editing prosilver's overall_header.html file. given the date of the post, the code posted may have changed. ... 4&t=639205

the second link you posted won't help you, as it's for phpbb 2, not 3, and the file structure has completely changed. the third link tends more towards pages outside of the phpbb package that work with it.
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Re: Integration of phpBB3 into Existing website

Post by Noxwizard »

dnehdnd wrote:The last link is the closest I found, but what file exactly we are working with is not very clear, and I just seem to run into errors, whatever I try.
It does not specify a file because it will vary from site to site what the file is called. The code in that topic is meant to be used in your main site's web pages. If you want the login box to show up on your index, then you would modify that file to include the session and form code. Your pages will have to be .php instead of .html so that the code will be processed.
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