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Problem Replacing Smiley Package - new ones don't show

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 3:10 pm
by Galaxy21
I'm trying to install new smileys on my board. Replacing the old smileys with the new ones in the ACP is not a problem.
The problem is, in posts either the old (replaced) smileys are shown or only the smiley-code is shown (when I delete the old smileys while installing the new ones with the same code). I tried purging the cache on board and browser, but no luck.
When I edit a post, which shows either old smileys or just the smiley code and then submit the form without changeing anything, the new smileys show up correctly.
Now, how can I get the new smileys to show up without editing the over 140.000 posts on my bord (which is obviously not an option ;) )?

Board Version: 3.0.5