Redefine Mode=Register

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Ghost Rider
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Redefine Mode=Register

Post by Ghost Rider »

Aloha everyone,

I'm seriously baffled right now and so I come to you for help. My problem is this: I have a website running on a Joomla with JFusion. JFusion basically shares accounts between softwares and that's good and it works and everything. However, for it to work properly, you need to disable registration on the slaves. But that's kind of stupid so I figured I'd try something like this:

I want to redirect the register-URL to point to the Joomla-register page so that when someone clicks on register on PHPBB3 he gets linked to the register page of the Joomla.

And as simple as that sounds, it doesn't work. I can't find the place where Mode=Register is defined much less the page where I'm supposed to look. I have the suspicion that it might be in ucp.php, but I've been sifting through that file with no result.

Alternatively, a way to basically replace that link with a different link, or even better an iFrame or something of the register form, would be great, but the first solution is preferred.

So could any of you please help me?

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Re: Redefine Mode=Register

Post by billchampion »

You may need check out the codes under includes/ucp/

And it may be easier getting the solutions if you refer to the people who are devleoping JFusion.


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