SEO and Sitemaps

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SEO and Sitemaps

Post by hyporelief »


first off I love PHPBB3.0. Thanks to all who work on it.

I was wondering if my board is automatically optimized for Google, I do not see anything in the descriptions and was wondering if something is off in my board.

Second, in regards to sitemap is it necessary or even possible to have one for my board and one for the rest of my site, i'm not technical, so I dont know this stuff. Whats the best way to get my board indexed?

My site is
My board is at

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Re: SEO and Sitemaps

Post by TrZ »

In order to help my chances of getting listed, I tried the mod from, but I couldn't get most of it to work, dunno why. I saw a bunch of other mods out there but the ones I use seem to be doing the job quite well.

Now instead of modifying lots of files, I just use these for better SEO and a sitemap.

Code: Select all
SEO topic titles

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Hope this helps.
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Re: SEO and Sitemaps

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

you don 't need anything in order to get listed except a little patience.

to get higher placement in google for relevant keyword searches, you have to have fresh,relevant content.
that is it.

sitemaps are mainly for static websites. they don't work very well for dynamic sites like bulletin boards because it keeps adding more and more pages that will not be in the sitemap etc.

if you are not selling anything, then worrying about google placement is really a waste of time.
remember, nobody goes to google and looks for your board. they are looking for information about a specific subject. If your board has information about that subject, it will show up in their search returns.

I'm baaaaaccckkkk. still doing work on donation basis. PM your needs.

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