Need registration first before access

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Need registration first before access

Post by matthewlam »


I have seen some web sites that need to register as their members first before
visitors can view and access the contents of their web sites.
Say for example, for the very first time I visited web site ABC,
it showed me this message: "You need to register first", and then I was redirected to
a member registration page.

I wonder how to do the same thing in my PHPBB forum.
I am using PHPBB3 3.05.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Need registration first before access

Post by narqelion »

So you do not want guests to be able to even see your board before they either register or login, correct? Can you provide a link to your board? :)
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Re: Need registration first before access

Post by TrZ »

Simply set the permissions for each forum that Guests can't even see the forum.

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