HTML Script Virus - Can't Access ACP

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HTML Script Virus - Can't Access ACP

Post by JeRicHoOL »

Everytime I visit [link removed] my AntiVir detects an HTML virus named "HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen". It's a site which I administrate. I already found out that it is not a real virus, just some kind of script error.
Since this HTML virus appeared I can't access the administration panel anymore. The owner of the site can't access the admin panel too.

That's how the ACP looks like. ... 230507.gif

Can you guys please help me out!?

phpBB 3.0.6

AJAX Chat 2.0.0 Beta 8
Anti-Spam ACP 1.0.1
ReIMG Image Resizer 1.0.0
Alightner's Calendar 1.0.0
Expand Categories 1.4.1
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Re: HTML Script Virus - Can't Access ACP

Post by Pit$Bull »

If you board has been hacked, please do the following before making any modifications to your board (this includes changing passwords, editing files, running the support toolkit, etc.):
1) Save a copy of the files (simply create a local copy of the files on the server).
2) Save a copy of the database.
3) Save the server access logs for the time of the hack (they may be available in the 'logs' directory on the server, in your host's control panel or only by request directly from your host).
4) File a report in the incident tracker. Attach the items from steps 1-3 when you file the report or upload them to a secure location for the incident investigation team to download. Please do not start a new topic on the board, the proper place for incidents reports is the tracker.

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Re: HTML Script Virus - Can't Access ACP

Post by stevemaury »

Looks like a real virus to me - an iframe injection. I have removed the link.
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