Replace [img]-tag?

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Re: Replace [img]-tag?

Post by Jabhi »

I mixed it up with a setting in ACP > Posting > Attachments > Attachment settings > Image category settings [Assigned extension group: Images] > Create thumbnail which must be No, so no thumbnails are created. Set it and create another test post.

That fixed, thank you...
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Re: Replace [img]-tag?

Post by Oyabun1 »

AmigoJack wrote:... and have been tested in FireFox 3.5.5 only so far.
I've had a look at using prosilver with Firefox 13.0.1, IE 9.0.8, and Chrome 20.0.1, and it seems to work OK with all of them.
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Re: Replace [img]-tag?

Post by waiheke »

Hi there
I have the same
The entry in the bbcode is 'hsimg'

So open /template/posting_buttons.html (after doing a backup of the page)
Look along the

Code: Select all

var bbtags = new Array
( about line 11) for '[img]','[/img]', and REPLACE with '[hsimg]','[/hsimg]', or whatever new tag your bbcode is

Bulletpoint: the two 'img' become 'hsimg'

Scrtoll down to

Code: Select all

	<!-- IF S_BBCODE_IMG -->
		<input type="button" class="button2" accesskey="p" name="addbbcode14" value="Img" style="width: 40px" onclick="bbstyle(14)" title="{L_BBCODE_P_HELP}" />
	<!-- ENDIF -->
and REPLACE the lines with

Code: Select all

<input class="button2" type="button" title="Highslide Img: [hsimg]link to image[/hsimg]" onclick="bbstyle(46)" value="IMG" name="addbbcode46"></input>
Essentially what you're doing is leaving the img code alone throughout the forum but replacing what happens on the posting page, in the Img tags.

Bulletpoint: Replace the default Img button with a new customised one, same name, different action

"bbstyle(46)" value="IMG" name="addbbcode46" will need editing on your particular forum. Use 'View Source' in your web browser to scroll down and identify what your new 'hsimg' references are.

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