New Board for student organisation at my university

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New Board for student organisation at my university

Post by dimitry44 »


I am a student and work for a student organisation (We inform and support student through their academic studies) for an austrian university. The university has about 7000+ students and until now there is no good online platform to get specific information. The university-administration uses moodle (for courses) which lacks on usability and overview (the implementiation is horrible and I simply hate it that way).

Now i would like to offer a new great board for every useful information (course discussions, infomation, legal, jobs......). For our website we have drupal, and after a quick look aroung I found phpBB as the best solution.
But here the hard facts, it would be nice to hear some opinions on witch solution would be better.

# expected rush of site: 10- 400 user per day. host is a dedicated VM on a Gigabit WAN (There shouldn't be a problem there).

# Users: (Here still I need some answers..)
- Student login with their collage account through "cas - auth". So registration is not important because every student is already a user(Externals *interested non students* must be confirmed by Moderator). But how does this work?
1. How do I decide who is a Moderator (global -) or User?
2. There are two "groups" I would like to distinguish : "Students" and "Servant" (Students who work for professors or professors themserves). "Servants" should have limited access to specific areas of the board.

# Mods and Design
Ok, I installed phpBB3 on my webspace and tried some Mods and Designs. I think a useful Mod would be the "acp announcement center". In order to get it work properly I only used the standard subsilver2. Thought "avalon" looks like a charm :D.
1. Can I combine the acp AC with a mod like "avalon"?
2. Is there a easy way to change the design pf the gif on the upper left without reinstalling the whole style?

# Tipps and useful information I should know?

Thank you for reading this and sorry for my "special" english!
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Re: New Board for student organisation at my university

Post by deMechanico »

Seems that it's been a while since you've posted this, but I would love to help you with this. Free of charge of course. :)

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