Update from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8

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Update from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8

Post by arsalan »

I want to update from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8. and I have mods installed in my forums.

Just want to ask what is best way to update for me?

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Re: Update from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8

Post by Pit$Bull »

The auto update package is designed for boards with MOD's http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/olympus. ... u&update=1

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Re: Update from 3.0.6 to 3.0.8

Post by DoYouSpeakWak »

Take a backup of everything. Files and database and try it. I have used it on heavy modded boards where it did not work. If you just got a few mods it should do just fine, But personally i love the peace it gives me to know that every file is standard after a update. If its just a few simple mods i prefer to reinstall them after the update instead.

Plenty of choices. But remember to take backup of everything. mysqldumper is a great tool for the database backup part.
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