Can't Login to ACP

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Can't Login to ACP

Post by z1ggy23 »

I was in ACP just fine this morning. I am the only Admin...

So My Domain expired this morning. Got that all fixed.

Go back to login to my Board, no problem. Go to Login to the ACP and it makes me authenticate (as usual).

It tells me:

but instead of taking me to the ACP it just dumps me back into ACP login screen (whether I wait to click on "proceed to ACP"). One time I managed to get past it and it told me I didn't have the right permissions for the ACP (sorry no screen shot as I can't get it to tell me that again)

If I remember correctly I am running 3.0.7 (maybe) I have not applied that last update... I can't check for sure since I am not able to get into the ACP... well I could probably check in the back-end somewhere if I need to.

It also seems to keep dumping me out of my regular session even though I have "keep me logged in" checked (this has always worked before)... the only thing that has changed is the domain expiration (like full on expired), renewal, change of whois info, and my Backend password (i.e. FILE SYSTEM not phpBB) has changed.
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Re: Can't Login to ACP

Post by Pit$Bull »

Please fill out the Support Request Template Generator and post it back here to enable us to assist you better.

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