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Forum/Blog Integration...?

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:09 pm
by Auridesion
Okay, so here's what I would like to do on my website:

Have a forum and a blog, each on separate subdomains.

Like this:

Code: Select all
I know how to make that happen already, because I've done it before. I could install phpBB to the forums subdomain, and WordPress (or something like it) to the blog subdomain.


I also want my users not to have to register twin accounts in order to post on the forums and comment on the blog. I'm pretty sure that if I'm using two entirely different platforms for either, I can't easily merge my user database -- I doubt if I can do it at all.

So, my idea/question:
Since a blog is essentially the same thing as a forum (pretty much), I was thinking that I could just make an individual forum to act as the blog. Each thread would essentially become a "blog post" and the replies to the thread would be "comments" on the blog. But I'd still like to have this separated from the meat of the forums. I think I can handle making the design look unique, so that the "blog" doesn't look like a forum on my board. What I'm not sure about is whether I'd be able to put this one blog/forum/thingie on a separate subdomain while still technically being part of the forum.

Ultimately, from the ACP, I want to be able to mess with the "blog" forum alongside the forums visible on my board -- but have the "blog" actually show up on a separate subdomain.

Is this possible?

Ideas/suggestions on alternative options?

Re: Forum/Blog Integration...?

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 11:07 pm
by tbackoff
There is already a wealth of information on phpBB session integration (both in the KB and here on the forums). Here is one particular topic.