Bug in firebird driver

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Bug in firebird driver

Post by farafonoff »

Can't register on your bug tracker, so i will post it here.

SQL ERROR [ firebird ]

Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -842 Precision must be from 1 to 18 [-842]


UPDATE phpbb_config SET config_value = CAST(CAST(config_value as DECIMAL(255, 0)) + 1 as VARCHAR(255)) WHERE config_name = 'num_posts'

while user registration.

* Set dynamic config value with arithmetic operation.
function set_config_count($config_name, $increment, $is_dynamic = false)
global $db, $cache;

switch ($db->sql_layer)
case 'firebird':
$sql_update = 'CAST(CAST(config_value as DECIMAL(18, 0)) + ' . (int) $increment . ' as VARCHAR(255))';

in file includes/functions.php
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Re: Bug in firebird driver

Post by Oleg »

Thanks for the report.

Which version of firebird and phpbb was this on?

I created a ticket: http://tracker.phpbb.com/browse/PHPBB3-10146
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