virus on system

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virus on system

Post by ClubCalibra »


Having issues with my site - I'll not link you as the issue is that it seems to be infected with malware.

I have a phpbb forum, a coppermine gallery and an oscommerce system all running

The whole site triggers my antivirus - and there is errors in the browser error logs - trying to access a remote php script.

I wiped the filesystem and restored from a backup - and it seemed to work, but now its happened again.

Is there anything I can do? it sounds like its something coming from the server side - rather than my side - I've contacted my host and they will be investigating...
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Re: virus on system

Post by D¡cky »

You might want to wait to hear from your host to see if it is affecting the entire server.

Are your Coppermine and osCommerce up-to-date?

If your host says it is just your site that is affected, please do the following:
ReadMe Before Posting / Frequently Asked Questions wrote:My board has been hacked, what do I do?
Please do the following before making any modifications to your board (this includes changing passwords, editing files, running the support toolkit, etc.):
  1. Save a copy of the files (simply create a local copy of the files on the server).
  2. Save a copy of the database.
  3. Save the server access and ftp logs for the time of the hack (they may be available in the 'logs' directory on the server, in your host's control panel or only by request directly from your host).
  4. File a report in the incident tracker. Attach the items from steps 1-3 when you file the report or upload them to a secure location for the incident investigation team to download. Please do not start a new topic on the board, the proper place for incidents reports is the tracker.
If you have further questions, please ask them on your ticket.
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