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Stop Forum Spam

Post by gomerpile »

Hello all, I'm gomer and I have tried the automated banning mod by 'ABD' microUgly.
So far this part is working:
Optionally, if you also want to block registrations based on the supplied username

Open /includes/functions_user.php
At the end of the validate_username function, before "return false" (should be line 1483) insert:

Code: Select all
$sfsReturn = include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/mods/stopforumspam-disallow.php');
if ($sfsReturn !== TRUE) return $sfsReturn;
Make sure you get the path correct for your system.

Also I had the IP banning:
Extract the files into a folder on your host.
Open /includes/session.php
In the function check_ban() find $db->sql_freeresult($result); (should be line 1117)
AFTER that line include stopforumspam-ban.php. For example:

Code: Select all

I had some problems with IP ban, not with new users or guest, I get an SQL error in ACP banning options.

Anyways, I have been free of bot registers for 1 week using stopforums banning, with ban of user name in conjunction with Spammer Detection MOD
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Re: Stop Forum Spam

Post by anothernovice »

Do a search for the "sortables" mod or "keycaptcha" both work great! The advantage of the sortables mod is that it is not dependent on a third party website. Also when using the sortables use at least 5 variations in EACH category, that makes it damn near impossible for an automated entry. I have been using the sortables mod since it was released and have not had 1 single spam account or post.

Excellent work on the mods!


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