Adding {****} to emails

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Adding {****} to emails

Post by oxfordsi »


A quick question regarding the generic system emails.

Looking at the plain text emails in the language files, there's reference to numerous tags such as {USERNAME} etc. My question is, is it possible to create my own tag and write the text within the common.php file (or wherever {USERNAME} text is defined?!

So, for example, the language file for the email would read:


blah blah balah blah


In my language files i can define the custom tag as:

'CUSTOM_TAG' => 'Here is your custom tag'

I'm aware that i may have just answered my own question and the 2 could just be put in place but i wasn't sure if there had to be any file edits elsewhere to facilate this?

Any help would be greatful.

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Re: Adding {****} to emails

Post by AmigoJack »


The e-mail templates are already fully localized texts, so it would make no sense to use a tag like {HELLO} for a constant substitution based on the language. The variables in there are not defined in your language files, because they're not language specific at all. {USERNAME} is defined and handed over to the e-mail template in /includes/functions_posting.php (line 1323 on a default 3.0.8 installation), whereas $addr['name'] has been filled earlier.

So the real question is: what do you want to achieve? Give an example as precise as possible.
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Re: Adding {****} to emails

Post by AGC »

{USERNAME},{WELCOME_MSG} EXT. are template variables, that mean they assign with the assign_vars() function and then process, so you can add a custom tag but you need to assign it in the .php files and set a lang var to it when it process.

Code: Select all

assign_var('CUSTOM_TAG' => $user->lang['CUSTOM_TAG']);
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Re: Adding {****} to emails

Post by Brf »

As AmigoJack is explaining, there is already a separate email txt file for each language.
To put a language tag in an email template would be redundant. It is much simpler to put the text directly in the template.
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Re: Adding {****} to emails

Post by Martin Truckenbrodt »

you can use the variables successfully together with browser language detection.
There's a validated MOD in the MOD database adding this core feature.
BTW: Perhaps in my signature there could be a link called My MODs.

Bye Martin
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