[Split from] SSL, Cookie Secure, etc...

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[Split from] SSL, Cookie Secure, etc...

Post by gianluigi.zanettini »

Very informative topic, thanks!

I'm facing the same situation: my board is accessible both over HTTP and over HTTPS, whatever the user chooses. Currently I can confirm that:
  1. Cookie secure: off - works fine in this scenario
  2. Cookie secure: on - creates problems when the user request the board via HTTP
  3. With Cookie secure: off, the user ALWAYS get plain, unencrypted cookies, even if the negotiation is done via HTTPS
So I'm a bit puzzled, since an insecure cookie defeat the purpose of HTTPS (more a less, let's don't get too fine-detailed!). I'd like to understand: why does the phpBB option Cookie secure exist in the first place? wouldn't it be a better choice to just set the cookie "secure" or "not secure" automatically, switching on HTTP or HTTPS (you just need to change the 6th parameter !)?

Edit: I created a ticket for this.
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Re: [Split from] SSL, Cookie Secure, etc...

Post by yaashul »

Can you please tell us how it can be done in phpbb 3.0.12?

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