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Application Forum

Post by Superwaffle »

I want a forum section dedicated to hosting Moderator Applications. Currently the only way to keep applications (that I know of) is to have a post linking to the PM composer with the Application Approval group in the receiving box. It's messy and there's too many things that can go wrong with it.

I thought of a better way to do it, though. I want a section where a user can post a topic, that no one but Admins/the user can read (though allowing the poster to read them isn't necessary). It would be really helpful for not only applications, but for support purposes as well.

I've looked at the permissions, and set the following:

Can see forum: YES
Can start new topics: YES
Can read forum: NO

Everything else besides posting without approval is set to no. I hoped this would work, but sadly, having "Can read forum" set to no removes all ability to post as well.

Is there any way to accomplish what I want using a vanilla installation?

Please and thank you.
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Re: Application Forum

Post by stevemaury »

No, but there are a couple of MODs for this.
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