Big problem Members disconnected each time they click a link

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Big problem Members disconnected each time they click a link

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My forum * warez link removed * have been working perfectly for a long long time. I haven't touched anything since months, but around 2 weeks ago my webhosting company decided to upgrade PHP to PHP 5.3

Since they upgraded to PHP 5.3, my forum members are getting a lot of problems. They get disconnected almost every time they click a link... After investigating i discovered that they get disconnected only when they access an URL that doesn't include the Session ID in the URL

* warez link removed * will work
* warez link removed * will get you disconnected

So i tryed to add the Session ID to ALL links on the forum but i can't fix everything. Examples:

- If a member login then get back to the forum typing the URL in their browser * warez link removed * doesn't include Session ID so they will get disconnected

- If a member post an internal link inside a forum post, session ID isnt included so they will get kicked out

- member's bookmarks doesnt include Session ID

So i really don't know how to fix this problem. And i don't understand why the problem didnt show up until my webhost upgraded to PHP 5.3

I desesperatly need help! My forum activity is going down since the bug happenned, many active members are threatening to leave the forum :( This is one of my last forum using PHPBB, all others are on vbulletin and i want to keep this one on phpbb :( Please help me !

I contacted my webhost, they told me to check if phpbb got specific instructions related to "memcache" but im really confused.....
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