Same issues with two different IMG resizing MODs

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The FlyerFly
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Same issues with two different IMG resizing MODs

Post by The FlyerFly »

Hi. I am posting this here only because i am having the same issues with two separate image resizing MODs.

I have installed ReIMG Image Resizer and Auto Image Resizer on the same 3.0.9 installation, and in both cases the only resizing that took place was when the image was larger than the browser window. None of the resizing properties in the MODs themselves ever took effect. Here is an example of what I'm seeing... ... 9&p=11#p11

It makes no difference which MOD is installed, or if there are no MODs installed. I have a 3.0.7-PL1 installation where Auto Image Resizer works, and has through serveral updates. But nothing takes effect at all in 3.0.9.

I have cleared the template cache as well as successfully set each MOD's configuration in the ACP. So I'm lost and now figuring that I might be missing something in 3.0.9 specifically.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
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Re: Same issues with two different IMG resizing MODs

Post by Noxwizard »

You will need to ask the MOD authors if their MODs are not working as they should.
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