Filezilla FTP setup

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Filezilla FTP setup

Post by jammychap »

I'm really struggling with this fillezilla set up, it's just not having it :oops:
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Re: Filezilla FTP setup

Post by Jessica »

elaborate? what do you mean?
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Re: Filezilla FTP setup

Post by Mick »

You should be asking in the Filezilla Forums.
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Re: Filezilla FTP setup

Post by Matrix Leader »

What are you struggling with?

It's very simple, you get the login info from your host usually.

As soon as I signed up with Host Gator for example, they sent me the domain( usually an IP address), username, and password. How easy could it get?
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Re: Filezilla FTP setup

Post by Oyabun1 »

There is one thing to be aware of with Filezilla, and that is they have made what could be considered a stupid choice for one of the default settings: extensionless files are set to be transferred in ASCII mode and that should be binary.

For more information and instructions on how to change it see this blog post, The dangers of ASCII mode.
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