Automation Summertime/DST planned?

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Automation Summertime/DST planned?

Post by Slechtvalk »

Good Morning from Europe, UCT+1 :P

I red something about changing summertime/dst and i just wonder.

Isnt DST defined by Timezone + country?
I mean, is there ever a constellation where UCT+1 in germany for me gives someone other in UCT+1 germany a different time?
I guess no.

Shouldnt the Question be,

"do you have Summertime/DST where you live- yes/no"

or better:

"do you have Summertime/DST where you live-
yes, use rule: European -
yes, use rule: US/Can -
yes, use rule: Chile -
yes, use rule: China/Island/Russia -

And then let PHP change the time automated?
European Summer Time has been observed from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October
United States and Canada observe DST from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November
Chile observes DST from the second Saturday in October to the second Saturday in March
Western China, Iceland, Russia and other areas skew time zones westward,
i guess with that 4 "rules" you got about 99% right, instead of punishing 100% of affected users to switch manually.
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Re: Automation Summertime/DST planned?

Post by Oleg »

Yes: ... 84&t=32826

Speaking of Russia, it recently did away with some or all of DST, which is why the only way to have this work correctly is to use an (up-to-date) timezone database. US changed the dates of DST transition a year or two ago.
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