Possible bug in 3.0.11, acp_users_overview.html

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Possible bug in 3.0.11, acp_users_overview.html

Post by javiexin »

Possible bug in the new 3.0.11 release.

In acp_users_overview.html, in adm/style, the new code:

Code: Select all

					<!-- IF USER_HAS_POSTS -->
						<select id="delete_type" name="delete_type"><option class="sep" value="">{L_SELECT_OPTION}</option><option value="retain">{L_RETAIN_POSTS}</option><option value="remove">{L_DELETE_POSTS}</option></select></dd>
					<!-- ELSE -->
						{L_USER_NO_POSTS_TO_DELETE}<input type="hidden" id="delete_type" name="delete_type" value="retain" />
					<!-- ENDIF -->
seems to be missing a </dd> tag in the <!-- ELSE --> branch...

Could someone confirm please?
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Re: Possible bug in 3.0.11, acp_users_overview.html

Post by D¡cky »

It looks like a bug to me. You should file a bug report in the tracker, tracker.phpbb.com
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Re: Possible bug in 3.0.11, acp_users_overview.html

Post by AmigoJack »

Confirmed. Created ticket PHPBB3-11093
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