How easy it is to reinstall existing board?

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How easy it is to reinstall existing board?

Post by ilikepeach »

I have a dead board (with some contents and members) that I've been keep renewing hosting every year through GoDaddy. It never took off but I am kind of attached to it and hope to work on it sometime in the future. But the renewal fee for hosting has been keep going up and it's getting ridiculous to the point that I can get nearly 3 years of new hosting for the one year renewal fees after promotion/coupons and everything.

So, I am thinking about getting it expired and get a new hosting plan from godaddy again using coupons. I can afford downtime since it's dead anyway. How easy it is to move the old board from the new one? I know how to install phpbb from scratch but I have never done moving before. Please let me know if there is any step by steps guide that I can look at.
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Re: How easy it is to reinstall existing board?

Post by Oyabun1 »

A quick search and you would, no doubt, have found, Transferring Your Board to a New Host or Domain.
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