Addthis/Facebook issue

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Addthis/Facebook issue

Post by MichaelDH »

Not sure if this is the best place for this post, apologies if it should be placed somewhere else.

I have set up PHPBB 3.0.11 with the Classifieds mod. When viewing ads, there is an AddThis include to share/Like the page/listing with other sites, like Facebook. When using the Share option with Facebook, I get the page link and description to show up just fine in the pop up window, but the Facebook scraper won't pick up the listings thumbnail image to be included.

I have tried using the AddThis toolbar, with the same results.

I really know nothing about the Addthis or Facebook programming, API's. Between those, PHPBB and the mod, anyone have any suggestions what I can do to get thumbnails included in the Addthis set up?
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Re: Addthis/Facebook issue

Post by stevemaury »

You would need to ask this wherever you got these MOD(s). There is no MOD support in this forum.
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