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Uploading attachments

Post by DoYouSpeakWak »

Hey Support team.

Im in a bit of a pickle. Moving a board. All working fine. except the attachments. On the old board they show at images, lets say a jpg file. On the new location. its just the name of the file, when clicked nothing comes up.

What i have done

Downloaded the /files/ directory in both asci and binaery mode. Got two directories with the same attachments.

But how should i upload them ? Tried binary mode but that caused the current problems with images not showing. Tried to overwrite a few attatchments in asci just to check. Same problem. There were zero upload failures at any point.

Its 21gb of attachments so i would love some advise before reuploading them all.



<Noxwizard> They have to be downloaded and uploaded in binary. Transferring them in ASCII in either direction will destroy them.

Thx to Noxwizard
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