Moderators vs Global Moderators & Assigning Mods

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Moderators vs Global Moderators & Assigning Mods

Post by morf13 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:33 pm

I am trying to make a handful of my members into MODERATORS. I want them to be able to edit posts, move threads, etc,the typical mod stuff. maybe even ban an unruly member if they try to use foul language or spam the forum. But I dont want them to have total control of the forum

However, I cant seem to make them into mods succesffully,and I cant tell what the difference is betwen mods & global mods.

I thought I had made them into mods, but they are not showing up as mods. What am I doing wrong? I would like to add several names at once and turn them into mods,or I can do one at a time whatever is easier. Right now,they are showing up as simply 'new users'. What is going wrong?

On a side note, I would like all of my mod's usernames(once I set them up)to appear in red. How do I accomplish that?

Any help is appreciated,thanks

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Re: Moderators vs Global Moderators & Assigning Mods

Post by Brf » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:33 pm

You do not "turn" a user "into" a moderator. You give them Moderator permissions.

Forum Moderators are given Forum Moderator permissions for each forum they are to moderate.

Global Moderators have moderator permissions automatically for every forum they can see.

A user's name color is the color of their Default usergroup.

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Re: Moderators vs Global Moderators & Assigning Mods

Post by scottmi » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:42 pm

Hello morf13,

You can create different types of user groups to fit different permission levels. So you can create a lower level mod group and assign it less privileges than the Global moderator group if you want them to have these permissions across all boards.

Then you simply assign the members you want to the new group.

Specific groups or even users can be assigned as moderators for individual boards if you wish. You can do that via the Forum moderators option found in the Forums tab of the ACP.

For making them all appear as a specific color, you simply need to assign the group a default color. It is perfectly fine to set it as the same color as the global moderator group if you wish them all to appear as the same color. If you know a person is a member of a group and they are not displaying in the group's color, you will need to check and ensure you have that group set as their default group.


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