Problems: getting logged out when previewing PM + usergroups

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Problems: getting logged out when previewing PM + usergroups

Post by copperknackers »

I'm having a couple of problems with our board over at:

The problems are pretty weird:

- One user is having trouble when previewing PMs. It seems to log her out whenever she attempts to preview.
- Others are having problems with their usergroup not being automatically switched over from Newly Registered to Registered when they reach 5 posts. (It's not happening to all users, so that seems weird!)

Can anyone shed any light? :?:
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Re: Problems: getting logged out when previewing PM + usergr

Post by Oyabun1 »

If being logged out is only occurring for one user that suggests something local to her. You would need to find out what is different about her setup. Perhaps a browser plugin she is using is causing the problem.

If you have the Newly Registered Users group (NRU) post limit set to 5 they need 5 approved posts before moving from the group. So, if they post 10 times but only the first 3 have been approved then the other 7 posts will require approval and they will remain in the NRU.
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