LDAP authentication issue

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LDAP authentication issue

Post by zuber »


I've found out that LDAP authentication does not support such scenario:
- LDAP server does not allow anonymous binding
- there is no special account for AD user
- but is allows binding for any registered user, but account suffix must be added to the user name

I couldn't get PHP LDAP auth to work with such conditions. I managed to do this with mediawiki (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extensio ... entication) and with Wordpress (active-directory-integration.1.1.4.zip plugin).

Configuration of Wordpress plugin for the easiest one.

So I modified auth_ldap.php to support such config on my side.

But question is: couldn't PHP LDAP support my scenario natively? :)

Here is my config example:
LDAP server name: ldap://europe.company.net
LDAP base dn: DC=company,DC=net
LDAP uid: sAMAccountName
LDAP e-mail attribute: mail
but for binding I need such username: sAMAccountName@company.net

And I need that AD user is also: sAMAccountName@company.net with its password.

I attached my auth_ldap.php which solved the problem for me - but it isn't general solution.
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Re: LDAP authentication issue

Post by AmigoJack »

Thanks for reporting, I created PHPBB3-13103 so your solution won't get lost. In the end only a few more configuration settings should be enough to support your scenario.
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