php sessions + redis/memcache + phpBB

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php sessions + redis/memcache + phpBB

Post by SuperFedya » Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:20 pm


Somebody used Redis or Memcache to store php sessions?
When I switched to it from file based sessions (sessions.save_handler = redis), I got thousands of queries like this:

Code: Select all

SELECT COUNT(session_id) AS sessions
                       FROM phpbb_sessions
                       WHERE sessions_user_id = 1
                        AND session_time >=1412124242 
And mysql takes 250-350% of the CPU...

Is there something special about phpbb_sessions and Redis session storage? Somebody else tried this combination? Or maybe with memcache?

Another question - when I'll use memcache or APC as phpbb cache, it will affect the sessions table?



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