Change icon for user if answered in the topic

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Change icon for user if answered in the topic

Post by Tler » Sat Oct 31, 2015 4:02 pm


I need to do a different icon if a user answered in the subject. Like this: Image
Maybe is it standard function, but icon is not displayed in free template afterburner2.
Link to my forum.


PS. I searched in Google etc.

PS 2: I think is it in code, because I see name icon "mine" (like answer_mine.gif in stantard theme), but not ready:

Code: Select all

<li class="row<!-- IF topicrow.S_ROW_COUNT is even --> bg1<!-- ELSE --> bg2<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_GLOBAL --> global-announce<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_ANNOUNCE --> announce<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_STICKY --> sticky<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_REPORTED --> reported<!-- ENDIF -->">
         <div class="posts_container <!-- IF topicrow.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --> unread<!-- ELSE -->read<!-- ENDIF -->">
            <span class="post_count"><a href="{topicrow.U_VIEW_TOPIC}" >{topicrow.REPLIES}</a></span><br>
            <span class="post_desc"><a href="{topicrow.U_VIEW_TOPIC}" ><!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_LOCKED -->Locked<!-- ELSE --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_STICKY -->Sticky<!-- ELSE -->{L_REPLIES}<!-- ENDIF --><!-- ENDIF --></a></span>

            <div class="topic-icon<!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_REPORTED --> reported<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_HAS_POLL --> poll<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_UNAPPROVED or topicrow.S_POSTS_UNAPPROVED --> unapproved<!-- ENDIF --><!-- PHP -->global $template;$path_parts = pathinfo($_topicrow_val['TOPIC_FOLDER_IMG_SRC']);$path = array("_read.png", "_unread.png", "_mine.png", "unread", "read", "mine", "png", "topic", ".", "_");$forum_class = str_replace($path, "", $path_parts['filename']);echo " ".$forum_class." ";<!-- ENDPHP --><!-- IF topicrow.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --> unread<!-- ELSE --> read<!-- ENDIF -->"></div>
         <dl class="icon">
            <dt<!-- IF topicrow.TOPIC_ICON_IMG and S_TOPIC_ICONS --> style="background-image: url({T_ICONS_PATH}{topicrow.TOPIC_ICON_IMG}); background-repeat: no-repeat;"<!-- ENDIF --> title="{topicrow.TOPIC_FOLDER_IMG_ALT}"><!-- IF topicrow.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --><a href="{topicrow.U_NEWEST_POST}" class="icon-newest"></a> <!-- ENDIF --><a href="{topicrow.U_VIEW_TOPIC}" class="topictitle">{topicrow.TOPIC_TITLE}</a>
               <!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_UNAPPROVED or topicrow.S_POSTS_UNAPPROVED --><a href="{topicrow.U_MCP_QUEUE}" class="icon-unapproved"></a> <!-- ENDIF -->
               <!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_REPORTED --><a href="{topicrow.U_MCP_REPORT}" class="icon-reported"></a><!-- ENDIF --><br />
               <!-- IF topicrow.PAGINATION --><strong class="pagination"><span>{topicrow.PAGINATION}</span></strong><!-- ENDIF -->
               <!-- IF topicrow.ATTACH_ICON_IMG --><span class="icon-attach"></span> <!-- ENDIF -->{L_POST_BY_AUTHOR} {topicrow.TOPIC_AUTHOR_FULL} &raquo; {topicrow.FIRST_POST_TIME}
            <dd class="views">{topicrow.VIEWS} <dfn>{L_VIEWS}</dfn></dd>
            <dd class="lastpost"><span><dfn>{L_LAST_POST} </dfn>{L_POST_BY_AUTHOR} {topicrow.LAST_POST_AUTHOR_FULL}
               <!-- IF not S_IS_BOT --><a href="{topicrow.U_LAST_POST}" class="icon-lastpost"></a> <!-- ENDIF --><br />{topicrow.LAST_POST_TIME}</span>
            <dt class="clear"></dt>
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Re: Change icon for user if answered in the topic

Post by Oyabun1 » Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:46 pm

RocketTheme styles are not supported here, you should seek support where you got it from.
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Re: Change icon for user if answered in the topic

Post by Tler » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:02 pm

This is free template - and so I don't have support and I can't log in forum for RocketTheme, because the forum is for premium members.

But maybe someone knows answer for this problem.

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Re: Change icon for user if answered in the topic

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:53 pm

that style does not use any images. I would suggest you choose a different style if you want those or any other images to show.

I'm baaaaaccckkkk. still doing work on donation basis. PM your needs.

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