Please help: Parse error - syntax error while posting

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Please help: Parse error - syntax error while posting

Post by Nono01 »

Greetings to all,

me, and my fellow forum member have experienced problems while trying to write a regular post.

When clicking 'Submit' i get an error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ')' in /home/portalsa/public_html/forum/cache/queue.php on line 3"

Any idea what this might be? I'm running 3.0.8 stock with no plugins.
Tried to clear cache but it didn't help

Thank you
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Re: Please help: Parse error - syntax error while posting

Post by FireHacker »

Just encountered with the same error.

The reason is that queue.php file (which is responsible for queued emailing and contains serialized string representing a queue of emails) gets truncated in the middle of serialized string.

Usually it happens because you have no disk space or your disk quota does not your executables to write more data on disk.

So, if you have the same error:
  1. Check the end of this file
  2. Ensure you have enough disk space or not at the limit of quota.
  3. Either heal the file (by fixing serialized string and adding trailing part of PHP script) or delete it completely (phpBB will recreate it) — in the latest case you lost some of queued email messages.
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