Looking for a miracle: Phpbb2 with php5

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Looking for a miracle: Phpbb2 with php5

Post by Desperate1 »


It is my first message, so... Sorry if I do some mistake.

I have a very old phpbb forum, 2.0.4 modded by default.

Everything was ok until today: the hosting has decided to not support anymore php4, so they autmatically upgrade my space to php5. In consequence, my old phpbb2 is not working anymore (login is impossible, categories not visibles).

Since is not possible anymore to use php4, there is something I can do to fix the code and make it working under php5?

I know it is very old, but I need to keep this version up as it is. Could someone help me pls in this mission impossible? :'(

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Re: Looking for a miracle: Phpbb2 with php5

Post by KevC »

Support for phpBB2 ended several years ago. Any support requests regarding phpBB2 are limited to help with conversion to phpBB3.
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Re: Looking for a miracle: Phpbb2 with php5

Post by AmigoJack »

Apparently "php5" alone is not a culprit: read phpBB2 worked with PHP5.3, but won't with PHP5.5 which might also give you indirect answers.
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Re: Looking for a miracle: Phpbb2 with php5

Post by Slackervaara »

There is a site to keep phpBB2 alive:


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