updat issu regarding message posting rights

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updat issu regarding message posting rights

Post by Guussie »

I dont know how to describe exactly
But my forum is used for animal ambulance and there are several people whit rights to chance the content .
Namley to plan for the ambulance to go to an andress.
After te last upgrade ever one who makes changes to a topic must now forst give premission in moderator modes or else its not visible for other groeps.
I did look at the rights and everything should be oke but im desperad and dont know where to look anymore every forum did worked fine for the upgrade is there something im am missing??
The rights are every one with acces to the forum who has the rights to alter the content could do that now after the upgrade a moderator must give premission.
I dit nothing to change that.
Please keep it simple.

im hoping someone can help me i do it to help the woundend and lost animals..

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Re: updat issu regarding message posting rights

Post by JimA »

So, if I understand correctly, you want everybody to post without needing approval? Or do you want all users to be able to edit their own posts? Could you try to elaborate a bit on what exactly the problem is.
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Re: updat issu regarding message posting rights

Post by stevemaury »

In User registration settings, set New member post limit to zero, and then remove all member from the Newly registered users group.
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