Mass Mail failed - alternatives

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Mass Mail failed - alternatives

Post by GavinP »

I've just tried using mass mail to send an email to all users. I have c.1700 users on the forum so I expected it to take a while. As it happens it processed for about a minute, then I got a 500 Internal Server Error. I assume that this is something to do with my hosting environment config and something I don't really need to spend hours digging into, to send a single email.

I assume that my alternatives are to export the user_mail from the users table and import into a mail client. I only have webmail clients on my cpanel, horde, roundcube and squirrel to be precise and having exported the list I can only seem to import into horde and roundcube. Unfortunately the former fails to do anything, and the latter says that my file is not in the correct format. I exported CSV from MySQL but I'm guessing I may need other fields.

I realise this isn't a Phpbb issue per se, but there must have been others who have encountered this and might have an idea of what I'm doing wrong. I'd appreciate a steer.
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Re: Mass Mail failed - alternatives

Post by david63 »

It might give some clue as to why the mass email failed if you checked the server error log
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Re: Mass Mail failed - alternatives

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

and you can set it to only send so many emails per so much time to bypass your server restrictions.

I believe it is the "package" size setting that controls this.

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Re: Mass Mail failed - alternatives

Post by Slackervaara »

It can be a timeout issue after 30 seconds or so. I remember I got timeout after about 800 newsletters.

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