Inherited a 3.0.12 forum wanting to upgrade

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Inherited a 3.0.12 forum wanting to upgrade

Post by Curmudgeon »

Hello, I've recently taken over all operation functions of a small forum (very small) and it needs some love and attention.

Running version 3.0.12 currently and the email functions seem to have stopped working. People are unable to reset account passwords, I don't think the registration email is working, etc. This issue is what I'm tackling first.

Long term I want to upgrade the sofware to the current version. I like to get some more functionality that an update ought to give me and just learn more in general and I'd like to get it updated to the current version 3.1.9

My own background is in IT but in the physical side of things not software.

Really I'm not sure where to start but I figure getting email functioning is #1 then I can assess upgrading to 3.1.9 in time.

Long and short: Help!
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Re: Inherited a 3.0.12 forum wanting to upgrade

Post by JimA »

Hi there, welcome to! :)

With regards to the e-mail issue, is there anything in the error logs, either phpBB's or the server's?

Upgrading is simple, and there is a comprehensive guide for it available. Please do keep in mind though that you would lose any existing modifications and custom styles made to your forum when upgrading. All of the board content would savely be transferred over but customisations have to be re-done.
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