Permissions issue.

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Permissions issue.

Post by samsurfer117 »

I've followed the installation directions for phpBB 3.0.x and added full permissions (chmod 777) for the following directories;

Unfortunately I am planning to open my server to free shell accounts, and 777 permissions on these folders would be a blaring security hazard.

Is there any way to get away with permissions that are a tad bit more strict and still have phpBB 3.0.x still run?
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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Re: Permissions issue.

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

isn't offering free shell accounts a very big security concern to start with?

as to your question;

the files folder is for attachments. if you do not allow attachments then you don't need that folder to be writeable.
store folder only needs to be writeable if you make database backups from the admin panel and have them stored there.

images/avatars/upload only needs to be writeable if you allow users to upload their own avatars.

the cache folder needs to be writeable for the board to operate correctly.

you can try reducing the chmod permissions and test. sometimes 777 is not required.

I have never heard of a single case of a server being hacked into because of a folder with 777 permissions but I guess it would be possible.

and, last but not least; why are you installing a version of phpbb that has reached end of life and that official support will cease for at the end of this year? 3.1 end of life will probably happen before too long since 3.2 is just around the corner.

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Re: Permissions issue.

Post by samsurfer117 »

Yes. Free shells are dangerous, but I'm working on that.

What I've found is that executing;
<?php echo exec('whoami'); ?>

So the 'user' for PHP is www-data.

Theoretically speaking, chowning the aforementioned directories to www-data;
sudo chown www-data directory/
and then chmoding the aforementioned directories to 7xx;
sudo chmod 700
for example would probably do it.

Does any of this scan?

P.S. I forgot I upgraded to phpBB 3.1.x.
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Re: Permissions issue.

Post by stevemaury »

There are not and never have been any security issues using the CHMOD permissions in the installation instructions.
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Re: Permissions issue.

Post by samsurfer117 »

I'm going to be hosting open shells on my machine. Therefore yes, any directory with 777 permissions would be an extremely potent vulnerability.

Anyways I found the answer to the question; ... ermissions

It involves using chown and chmod to set the owner of the directories as www-data, which is, as stated above, the user that PHP runs under.

sudo chown www-data store/
sudo chown www-data cache/
sudo chown www-data files/
sudo chwon www-data images/avatars/upload/
sudo chmod 700 store/
sudo chmod 700 cache/
sudo chmod 700 files/
sudo chmod 700 images/avatars/upload/

You can change the other permissions to the directories if you want using...
sudo chmod 7xx directory/
...but I highly reccomend that the second and third number NOT be 7 (full read/write/execute). Read is just fine, which is 4 in chmod.

So it would be either...
sudo chmod 700 directory/
sudo chmod 744 directory/

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