Cannot create a subforum

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Cannot create a subforum

Post by tecmoej »

Can someone please create a subforum.

I created a Hockey category. I set the permissions for this Hockey category. Administrators have Full Access.
I go to make a 'General' forum... I click the Create new forum button

The Parent forum drop-down box is giving me problems. I see Hockey in the drop-down box, but I cannot select it. Since I cannot select Hockey from the drop-down list, I cannot create subforums.

What am I doing wrong?
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Lumpy Burgertushie
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Re: Cannot create a subforum

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

In forum management make a new forum.

Type: category
No parent.

Then make another forum.
Parent: the category you just made.

Then you need to set permissions so everyone can see it:
Admin control panel>Permissions>Groups forum permissions.
Set the registered users to be able to see and post in it:
Registered users>Standard access
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