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Update Help with Styles

Post by Keefy »

Hi Guys

I have not updated for a while and to be honest I have forgot how to do it :(

Anyway I was on 3.0.12 and I have updated my forum with the Automatic update package, all went well with no errors :)

However the style I use "XStatic" is not updated, I am sure (in the past) there was some text file so you could manually update any extra styles you had? for example it said find "this line" and paste "this line" after. I can not see any such file in the automatic update package. have things changed, how do i update my extra styles?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Update Help with Styles

Post by stevemaury »

The automatic updater files only deal with prosilver and subsilver2. To update other styles, refer to the support page for that style.
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Re: Update Help with Styles

Post by Ibedejo »

It seems that this style hasn't been validated and released in the CDB. The last version I could locate refers to phpBB 3.0.8 - with the autor's site down ...

There might still be a chance to update the style manually: https://area51.phpbb.com/code-changes/3.0.8/
Refer to the code changes in subsilver2 which your style is based on.


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